3 Basics of digital marketing that every architect/designer should know

Do you know many architects around us?

If you don’t know then let me tell you, As per the council of architecture there are 109656 architects have currently registered with them, and every year around 24000 students graduate in architecture. 

These numbers might increase in the future so architects should get ready for the current and upcoming competition.

This scenario is for India only, imagine if you want to work internationally then these numbers go into the billions. 

In this growing industry, you as an architect/Interior designer need to think of a way to make your place and stand out from the crowd. Also, as we move forward we should learn something new try different things and it might give you some great 3results.

The one new thing I would suggest is to get familiar with digital marketing. let me tell you why, Because in this digital world as we are witnessing the power of technology for so many years and anybody can use it in their favour.

Digital marketing is helping people around the world to succeed in their business or setting up their brand and reaching the maximum audience possible.

Digital marketing is a very vast topic, there are so many things to learn about it but if you are just starting then these basic topics will give you some insights into it.

So, do you want to know what’s in it?

yes, then let’s get started.

Here we will know about 4 basics and that is:

  1. Decide your niche
  2. Personal branding
  3. Expanding a network

I will talk about these 3 points and how you can incorporate them into your daily practice.

So the first one is about niche selection

1.Decide your niche:

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Niche/Customer is very important for any business and to starting any new business or taking ant initiative you have to select your niche.

It is a very first step which you have to take in whatever field you are working 

If you think that why picking a niche is so much Important it’s because it helps you structure your work and when you know your customer you get understanding to plan out your strategy. 

For example, if a client comes to you and gives you a project to design a bungalow so for designing a bungalow you need to know how many people are going to live in it, their age, their preference and so much more. That helps you make a good design, right?

It works the same and to decide your niche or in the architecture/interior design you can say category you have to find the work that you love to do most of what you love to design most. 

Once you pick a category and start working on that it will improve your skills and create something new in that there will be so many opportunities for you and you have all your focus on one thing rather than working with a bunch of different work.

You can be a leader in that particular category and be on a no.1 and you can stand out from the others and once you know who is your customer and the need of that category you can put your best work out there.

If you don’t know what category to choose then try working in different categories as there are so many options like residential, commercial, or institutional any other.

when you work on the various project you can choose that which one you enjoyed most working on and that can not necessarily be the only one you can select 3–4 and start focusing on them.

Once you choose your niche try to be unique in that create something different than others and when you focus on one thing you can define your style and if you have your unique style you can create an impact on the world.

like, Zaha Hadid her personal style has given her recognization in the world whenever we see her building you can immediately tell that this is a building designed by Zaha Hadid. You have to aim for this kind of work and for that you have to define your niche/category.

So start working towards finding your niche.

Another important aspect of marketing is personal branding and personal branding can take you the long way. So, let us see more about it.

2.Personal Branding

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customers come to you when there is trust, So how can you build that trust?

Personal branding can help you create that trust and connection with your audience.

To create your brand, you have to show yourself to the people and the more people will know about you then only they will start trusting you.

So are you thinking how can you do that?

Then tell me whenever you hear about someone or their work what will you do? you will search about that person and the maximum information you will get about him/her is from their website.

Website is very important to start building your brand, but there are so many architects around us any many of them have their website also and every website almost looks the same. So, you have to do something different from others, and to do that start personalize your website. your website should reflect your personality and start sharing your personal journey, your struggles, working style, or any other thing that you feel your audience should know about you.

Try making your audience feel connected with you. you can even blog about your learning and share your knowledge. 

another very useful thing is social media. Social media can also be used to build your brand and to make it stronger if you know about any particular topic you can even write a book that will create more impact on your audience. 

Share your with the world put your work on the website so that people can see it. If you are just starting about and do not have much work to share then you can share your academic work or there are so many competitions are available to take part in that will give you content to put up on your website. 

If you have experience of some years and have done many projects in the past then document that work and present it to your audience.

Build your personal brand which can take you towards success. 

Now let’s look at the last point.

3.Expanding your network

We all know to build our business we have to build our network and keep expanding it.

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It helps you get you a client or you meet some new vendors, artists, or anyone who can be your potential client or who can help you in your projects.

Word of mouth is one of the components of marketing and helps you get new work, but for that also you have to keep a good relationship with your old clients. So, you have to keep in touch with the old clients you can call them or msg them and ask about them how they are doing how the space you designed for them is working for them. Tell them to spread the word about your work.

You can create an e-mail list of your potential customer and keep them updated about your work or start your newsletter this regular update will make your space in their mind and whenever in the future they will need someone to design their space you will be the one who comes in their thouths first and you might get that work.

As I have said before You also have to share your work with the world and that can also help you expand your network. 

Share your work on social media or you can talk about your work at public events, podcasts, or conferences and not the conference which includes only architects or designers you have to show your work to the people outside your industry.

You can even contact the publications like Architectural digest, Thearchitectsdiary, danzeen, or any other that can publish your work in their magazines or on their social media handles.

lastly, socialize as much as you can, and the more you share the more people will contact you.

So these are the 3 basics that can be a starting point to get into digital marketing and build your successful business.

If You have come this far then I hope you have found something useful and if you want to know more about this or want to share something do comment down below.

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