What is theconceptalk?

Our every decision in life starts with one concept or revolves around it. The concept gives us direction to structure our thoughts and leads us to make something beautiful. Theconceptalk is all about that, it is a platform to give you something from which you can start building your thoughts and work on it. Here you will get knowledge about digital marketing and how it can work in architecture. Other than that you will get insights into the architectural world and other thoughts based on life.

About Me

Hello !!

I am pooja Gupta and I am an architect. I love to design and learn new things. After I graduated I started my architectural practice and learning about new things and in that process, I enrolled in a digital marketing program and got to know how digital marketing plays an important role in every field in today’s world. So, I decided to connect it with architecture, and here I am to help the architectural professionals and students to use marketing in their daily practice.